Discover an entire universe on blockchain!

CryptoPlanets is an entire universe of 10.000 unique and algorithmically generated planets build around the Polygon blockchain.


CryptoPlanets is a collection of 10.000 unique and algorithmically generated planets on the polygon blockchain!

Each holder of CryptoPlanets will automatically join a number of raffles with a chance to win cash prices! Every CryptoPlanets will count as one entry in the raffle.

We will also be donating a portion of the minting fee to charities picked by our discord community. Mint price for CryptoPlanets will be available for 20 matic

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When will minting begin?

Minting will begin the 15th of November 12.00 PM UTC+2

How much does it cost to mint a Planet?

The mint price will be 20 MATIC

How many Planets can I mint?

You can mint 20 Planets on launch

Where will my Planets go after I mint?

Your CryptoPlanet will appear in whatever address, or connected wallet you used to purchase. You can see your transaction history by clicking on your wallet address in the header or view all minted tokens on Opensea.


There is a limited supply of 10.000 Planets. There will never be made more once all planets have been minted. The smart contract won’t allow more than 10.000 to be minted

What can I do with my Planets?

Anything you want to. When you buy a Planet, you own the rights to resell or reproduce the planet however you want. Any transfer of the CryptoPlanet token will also transfer the rights completely to the new owner.

Can I resell my Planets?

Yes! You can sell your CryptoPlanet on OpenSea. Find out more here: How do I list an NFT for sale?

Are all planets unique?

Yes! Just like the planets in our universe all planets are unique. Some planets share similarities, but no two planets are the same.

What about Rarity?

We have a full rarity system in place with multiple characteristics featured in less than 1% of the planets. All rarity info will be listed on once a 100% has been minted